GE14 // We Made History Together

5:35 PM

When my batchmates and I went to Putrajaya a few weeks back to conduct a health awareness programme, I remembered asking myself-who will conquer Putrajaya in the soon-to-come (now past) elections?

Fast forward to today. Just 2 days post-GE14 and many are surprised we are actually living under the administration of the Opposition coalition for the first time since Merdeka. As PM Tun M aptly said,  "We've never done this before."

Besides the obvious gains ie investigations on pressing matters of the country and abolishing GST, I am personally touched by the strong unity that Malaysians displayed since the election was announced. Most importantly, the rakyat now knows the power of its vote. The power of true unity by helping each other out, whether it's sponsoring students to go back to vote, carpooling, volunteering to be PACABAs, or voluntarily sharing information on social media to avoid spoilt votes. Even up till PH's victory, there were messages asking everyone to stay calm. And stay calm we did through it all, with no bloodshed. It was democracy at its best, with those supporting the defeated side respecting the views of the other celebrating half.

Now what's left to do is to hold the government accountable for what it has promised. After all, they are first-hand witnesses of the rakyat's power. Now, both sides will know that the rakyat will come out in full force to fulfill their rights. Consequently, both sides will work hard to ensure they offer solutions that best satisfy the rakyat. This can only mean good news to Malaysia's future.

Despite our wonderful display of democracy, we admittedly still have room to improve. The cyberbullying of those with different views should be discouraged. True democracy is when freedom of speech and the right to have our own respective opinions are respected. As Evelyn Beatrice Hall puts it, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

I am looking forward to a new Malaysia-a Malaysia upholding human rights and driven by mature politics and transparency. Our nation truly deserves only the best.

Let the healing process begin. Malaysia boleh

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