Pharmnight 2018 // The Finale

2:30 AM

Time flies.

On 5th May 2018, batch 2014/2015 had our last Pharmnight in DTSN.

As one of the lead singers and planners for the Rx4 performance, it was quite exhausting mentally and physically to bring together a performance within 2 weeks. But we pulled it off, together with flashlights and singing from the whole class at the end of the performance. The moment was magical, especially when juniors also waved flashlights at us from the back. I am super grateful that I was given a chance to perform one last time together with my coursemates. Despite the packed schedule with our rotations and all, we managed to squeeze time for practices. Am glad that we persevered through the practices and most importantly had fun together through it all.

Definitely couldn't make it without this team of lead singers! 

Pharmaband aka The Poison Act was awesome! I am so proud of how the band has evolved and will continue to evolve in years to come, bringing FFar's musical talents to the forefront. Also loved how the 1st year juniors incorporated flash mob into the event seamlessly. Of course, not to forget the organizing committee's effort to bring the night to life. Good job to all juniors!

Being a night of awards, I am glad to see fellow coursemates going up stage in recognition of their efforts, whether it is good results or exceptional in co-curricular activities (PS: super proud of my bro Ze Song for winning the PMFFar Best Student Award and Anugerah Payung Merah-Kepimpinan!). Am also extremely blessed to be selected for the Anugerah Payung Merah-Kesukarelawanan. This is definitely a motivation for me to continue pursuing my purpose in life of serving others.

Besides that, being the "oldest" definitely has its perks such as honouring fellow batchmates as Fac King and Queen and Best Dressed. It was great to cheer each other on in the spirit of our batch's camaraderie, something that I personally will miss leaving this place in a month's time.

The night ended with a video and performance from us (Rx4), before leaving the stage to give flowers to the lecturers and staff. Although it is nothing elaborate, I hope they know we will definitely miss them the most when we leave in a month's time. Their guidance and support throughout the years of study have transformed us from noobies to future pharmacists, and that is no easy feat!

Before leaving, we took photographs with lecturers and friends that have become family in the past 4 years. #Pharmily

(PS: in no particular order of importance)

 Asst. class rep + 1 birthday apart sister! 

Strong jodoh with this one, from lab to clinical group mates. Congrats for the Best Dressed Award! 

Went through thesis and singing together with Jaya! 

With these sweet juniors that I will miss dearly. Take care girls!

My dean list buddy line! Will miss this pharmily so so much.

The Lame Jokes Club (LJC). Gatherings with them are one of the best in uni life, where we share deep thoughts and lame jokes without inhibition. Will definitely miss our conversations! 

The 10 jimui club. These girls are precious ❤️.

With Dr Chua, one of the most dedicated lecturers in uni.

Grateful for the chance to work under Prof Malina for research work and learnt lots. 
Thesis mates, we survived!

Dr Adyani gave me lots of encouragement when I wanted to pursue my studies in Pharmacy after Asasi. 
Forever grateful for her encouragement and support.

Hands down the best singer in our batch!
Performed with this one almost every year.
Always fun to be with!

YB menang Best Dressed! 

My strong support system. She means so much to me #C414forever.
Legit no secret can escape from her cos she knows me so well haha.

Our friendship stood through the tests of time, and I have faith will for the rest of our lives.
Thanks for everything, soul sister.

Thanks Pei Gin for helping me so much for last year's Pharmaband and this year's Rx4 performance.
Super talented + gorgeous! 

 With the ex-vice secretary. 
She just "retired", am so proud of her for going through the tough secretary experience!

Last but not least, thank you for the flowers, chocolates and door gift!

Pharmnight 2018 will definitely be a beautiful memory to reminisce in years to come. This marks the impending end of one chapter of our lives but also opens a new one. May we leave the faculty and university with good memories and with the conscious pursuit to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Dear Pharmily, see you on the other side!

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