Being Human // That Voice In You

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Calum Scott's beautiful rendition of "Dancing On My Own" on British Got Talent 3 years back left me with a surge of emotions. From being a recruitment officer, he rose to fame and currently joins the elite ranks of soulful singers such as James Arthur.

But before the world knew him, he had to believe in his talent to present himself bravely in front of judges and a large audience. Was it scary? At one point in the audition, his hand trembled. Nevertheless, he persevered and eventually got the Golden Buzzer from the judges. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, this is only a small piece of the pie. Most people do not achieve success the way Calum did, no matter how much effort and hope is invested in their dreams.

I'd like to believe though that at our core lies the innate voice whispering our life's true purpose. Maybe it takes years to brush off the dirt and find the gem of our purpose. Maybe the gem that we find in the end is different from what we expected.

But our dreams are always there, buried in the depths of our heart and waiting for us to uncover it.

Truth is, life is unexpected. We can only plan while He ultimately decides. But therein lies the beauty of being human.

Being human is to be hopelessly optimistic in the pursuit of our dreams. Being human is to sometimes tremble in the face of great opportunities, knowing that our lives might change for better or for worse. Being human is to put everything on the line, and simply pray for the best. Being human is embracing the good, the bad and everything in between. Being human is laughing and crying through it all. Being human is to be vulnerable and strong.

Most importantly, being human is to try. To give that voice in you a shot. To believe in yourself, even if the whole world insists otherwise.

And you may be pleasantly surprised to find that happiness is not based on how successful you are with your dreams, but rather with the decision of actively pursuing it regardless of the outcome.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation �������� Jiayous!