Life Sans Camera

2:01 AM

Both my front and back cameras have been dysfunctional for a few weeks now. As a person that loves documenting the good, the bad and in between through pictures, this is no doubt a devastating hit to me.

But I believed in His plan for me, and it beautifully unfolded in the weeks to come.

Life sans camera, as I found out soon enough, can actually be pretty liberating. For one, you realise that the need to constantly update yourself to the world is..not actually a need. I definitely reflected on how I used social media and realised that sometimes I overused it to the point that I'm more concerned about the appropriate filters/captions instead of truly enjoying the moment. That's not to say that documenting is a bad thing-I just learnt that sometimes it feels great to just live the moment to its fullest without thinking about anything else, including the documentation part. 

Another great thing about life sans camera is the privacy that comes with it. I don't usually share most of my pictures on social media, but even then it feels like my life is somehow public because it's on my phone(?). Without the camera, all I have to perceive the world is truly my senses and my memory to retain the feelings and thoughts of that moment. The feelings and thoughts that come and go with no trace whatsoever somehow allow me to reconnect with myself and also with Him as we had discussions that belong exclusively to that particular moment. 

Technology will no doubt seek to overcome human limitations, but sometimes it is best to experience life by just living in the moment, sans documentation. 

PC: Alex Holyoake (Unsplash

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