Change, The Only Constant

2:26 AM

Hey there.

I've converted my posts from last year to drafts, because it didn't fit the overall feel of what I wanted to achieve (or rather, express) on this blog.

I do realise, through reading my previous writings, that my writing style and my thoughts and stance shift from time to time and it is ridiculous to keep changing blogs/deleting stuff that may no longer be relevant in my current state of mind.

Sometimes I think I'm overthinking it. After all, life is meant to be an imperfect tapestry of bits and pieces of life sewn together with good intentions and imperfect resolutions.

But I got to admit, the temptations to start anew is pretty good that I decided to do just that with my blog and Twitter. Exceptions for Instagram-it is sort of my virtual public photobook filled with loads of memories.

This time though, what I aim for is consistency in writing style (at the very least)-simple, minimalistic, yet getting the point across in the most artful manner. It's definitely been too long since I wrote stuff that I felt passionate about artistically and emotionally.

Cheers to the new year and embracing constant change throughout the year!

PC: Ross Findon (Unsplash)

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